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Some of the people who have read The Introvert Teacher

 Professor Freddy Boey

Professor Freddy Boey

 Dr. John Fong, Head of Campus -  S P Jain School of Global Management

Dr. John Fong, Head of Campus - S P Jain School of Global Management

 Amanda Ang

Amanda Ang

 Andrew Tan

Andrew Tan

 Suria Sparks

Suria Sparks

 Han Sing, Founder of  Tueetor

Han Sing, Founder of Tueetor

 Leonard Zuzarte

Leonard Zuzarte

 Sean Seah, Director of  Value Investing College

Sean Seah, Director of Value Investing College

 With David Chan, Principal Consultant of  Edaphic Leadership Consulting

With David Chan, Principal Consultant of Edaphic Leadership Consulting

 Dr. Andrew Goh

Dr. Andrew Goh

 Mr. Lim Siong Guan

Mr. Lim Siong Guan

 Pamela Ng

Pamela Ng

 Mette Johansson, Author, Keynote Speaker, Owner of  MetaMind

Mette Johansson, Author, Keynote Speaker, Owner of MetaMind

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Praise for The Introvert Teacher

“The Introvert Teacher exemplifies what education should be like: Thought-provoking, useful and life-changing.”

Eugene Seah, Chief Coach, Trainium Academy

“Well researched and meticulously written. Easy read for the busy executive. As an introvert who has been in the training arena for over a decade, I find that Remus’ book offers a good measure of assurance and encouragement. He also offers many practical tips on how to do my job better.”

Mervin Yeo, Networking Evangelist, Speaker, Author

“The role of the teacher is a sacred one – to uplift, to edify and to motivate through the sharing of wisdom and the giving of energy. In this book, Remus pulls the curtains open and unveils what goes on behind the scenes within an introvert. He offers useful advice to introverts in this noble and demanding vocation, encouraging them to attend to their own needs so that they can care for the people they love.

For non-introverts, Remus writes beautifully about the inner world of introverts, their experiences and their world views. I highly recommend this book as a useful resource for all introvert teachers. In fact, I would say that this is a must-read for anyone who works with, lives with, loves and hopes to authentically influence the introverts in their lives.”

 - Coen Tan, Authenticity and Influence Coach

"A treasure for introverts like me seeking to improve the quality of my teaching skills. Remus Zhong shows effective, practical and realistic approaches on how an introvert can succeed in managing a stimulating learning environment and still maintain his/her energy levels. Highly recommended book to introvert educators who want to achieve their purposes in life."

 - Rowell H. Vega, Health and Safety Inspector

The Introvert Teacher: Be an Effective, Empowered Educator

Are you great at doing something, like cooking, carpentry, or planning an event?

Perhaps you have tonnes of knowledge about a particular subject, like your favourite sport, your dream destination country, or your beloved pet animal.

That knowledge and expertise is more valuable than you may think. Wouldn't it be wonderful to impart your wisdom to someone and watch him learn and eventually master it? Wouldn't you like to experience the joy of teaching?

Of course you would. So why aren't you out there guiding, instructing, and demonstrating what you know?


Somewhere in your head, you are asking:

"How can I possibly stand up in front of a group of people and tell them anything?"

"Who am I to teach others? What if I make a fool of myself?"

"How do I even get started?"

The Introvert Teacher will ease your mind and build your confidence so you can become an engaging presenter who can easily hold the attention of your learners.

This book will advise you on the different aspects of teaching and how to handle them so you can cater to the needs of your learners, relate to them, and build rapport with them.

It will show you how to put a great teaching session together and execute it well so you can take that wealth of wisdom within you and help others to make sense of it.

After all, teaching is a skill, and every skill can be mastered.

Are you now wondering what being an introvert has to do with all this?

If you are an introvert, you have strengths that make you an especially powerful teacher. The key to this power is in you recognising your abilities and embracing yourself for who you are. Let this book show you how.

Let this book show you the ways of The Introvert Teacher.

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Who Is This Book For?

Everyone has expertise, knowledge or know-how that not everybody else does. If you are sharing this information, you already ARE a teacher!

1) Lecturers and Classroom teachers - you are educating your learners

2) Trainers - you are educating your trainees

3) Speakers - you are educating your audience

4) Salespeople - you are educating your customers

5) Leaders - you are educating your followers

6) Mentors - you are educating your protégés

7) Managers - you are educating your staff

The Book Aims To:

1) Have you realise and accept who you are, and get you to use your strengths as your empowerment.

2) Get you to stay charged so you are more effective in your interactions with others, especially your learners.

3) Provide a resource, tools and suggestions for you to become more efficient in your roles as a teacher.

My Introvert Past

Even as a baby, I did not like to be around too many people. I was told that I panicked whenever anyone but my parents attempted to carry me. This certainly did not endear me to family friends and relatives.

Through my school years, I remember often seeking moments of solitude in the midst of crowds and noise. I would read aside from my friends as they engaged in loud banter. I would seek quiet parts of the school just to be there. I would say little during group discussions unless I was directly asked to contribute.

I wondered if there was something wrong with me. Why was I so different from everybody else? I was not ashamed that I was different but I did find it difficult that I could not share the questions and ideas that formed in my head with anyone.

It was much later in life, though personality tests and books, that I found that there was nothing wrong with me. I was simply an introvert!

My Foray Into Teaching and what I learnt

It would seem rather strange, then, that, knowing my introverted tendencies, I decided to take on the position of an educator. Surely, this was a position that required the holder to be gregarious and effervescent, fervent and exuberant, animated and entertaining.

When I first stood in front of a class, I remember being extremely uncertain of myself and what I was doing. According to the feedback I received, I was more or less rooted to the same spot as I delivered the lesson -  Deer-Caught-In-The-Headlights Syndrome.

Despite my less-than-stellar start, I learned, along the way, many things about lesson delivery and planning and have since become a much better educator.

Because of my need for space and thinking time, I learned to carve out time throughout the day when I could tune out everything else and focus inwards to recharge myself. Recharged, I am able to be a better educator, a better colleague, and a better person.