Gem Hunter Updates (01 Nov 2016):

Mark this day on your calendars! At long last, I am launching the website of my gem and gemstone jewellery company - Loupin Jewels! I will continue to keep my Gem Hunter page here, but most of my gem hunting activities will be conducted through Loupin Jewels from now on.

Thank you for the queries and support so far! It's always a pleasure to help you find your dream gem.

Head on over to the Loupin Jewels website and let me know what you think!

Gem Hunter Updates (16 March 2016):

Here we go!

I have finally completed a set of curriculum for teaching you how to buy gemstones and gemstone jewellery without getting ripped off!.

This is for individuals who want to know more about buying gems and gemstone jewellery. You want to know how to look out for fakes and you want value for your money. Well, I am here to help you with that.

As someone who had to learn to navigate the gemstone industry on my own, I know what kind of struggles and questions you have. Now that I've learned the answers to many of these questions, let me share my experience with you.

There are five parts to this series:

1) Session One: Introduction to Gemstones and Gemology

2) Session Two: Optical Nature of Gemstones

3) Session Three: Hardness and the Lapidary Arts

4) Session Four: Buying Gems - Part One

5) Session Five: Buying Gems - Part Two

I've already received quite a lot of interest in sessions four and five. Timings and venues for these sessions will be listed as soon as I get them.

Until then, stay tuned.

If you wish to collaborate with me on bringing these sessions to a wider audience, or if you want to be updated through your e-mail, please e-mail me at

Gem Hunter Updates (26 February 2016):

Every now and then, a brainwave hits the Gem Hunter, and sometimes, the idea turn into reality.

I am currently working on a new product that you are going to absolutely love. Feedback has been received, pictures are being taken, more supplies are being brought in, and a launch is about to take place. Stay tuned for more!

Update: I know the wait has been long. There have been a few hiccups along the way and we are now back on track. Starting something new is truly not an easy thing... But we are almost there! Only a little way to go!

Who is the Gem Hunter?

Why, I am! Hello!

I would love to help you understand and appreciate the vast world of gemstones and jewellery. It can all be a little overwhelming at first, so let's take it slow. Like you, I knew little of the sparkly world of gemstones to begin with.

Bit by bit, I learned the ropes through listening, asking questions, and doing business with miners, designers, metalsmiths, other gem dealers and jewellers. Even now, they are my teachers as well as my suppliers.

Feel free to drop me a line. My contact can be found at the bottom of the page. Just scroll on down!

Are you looking for a gem?

If you are looking for the perfect gift or even a treat for yourself, there is a beautiful gem in every colour of the rainbow that will suit your taste.

Don't know how to start? Not sure where to go? Wonder what to look out for?

Let me help you!

Many people just like you have made requests and they are now very pleased with their new gems and jewellery. Here are a few pictures of them:

New Gems

Don't know what to do with your gems?

Working with designers and metalsmiths from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Myanmar, any design you desire can be turned into beautiful jewellery - rings, pendants, bracelets, cuff links, you name it.

Sapphire Rings
Jewellery Designs
Other Rings

Coming to a market near you!

Apart from gem hunting, I place some of my self-curated collection on sale every now and again. This was from the last bazaar in August: 

Bazaar Gems

Let me know how I can help you!

You can email me at