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Speaking at Men's Symposium Singapore 2019
The Introvert Book Launch - Speaking in Singapore at MOX

Introvert Communications and Personal Branding for Introverts

Introvert Communications Infographic

Introversion - Speaking in Singapore at LLI

The Introvert-Friendly Workplace

The Introvert Friendly Workplace

Speaking at S P Jain School - Singapore

Introverts in The Gig Economy

Introverts in The Gig Economy:

Why and How To Attract, Retain, and Work With Them

Gig Economy - Speaking in Singapore at LLI


"Naturally a good presenter, especially with his experiences in drama and teaching."

- Alex Tan, Co-founder and CTO of Koku

"I received a better understanding of the gig economy from Remus. Very engaging!"

- Ezekiel Ho, founder of MEISTERKLASSE

"Great session! Filled with loads of information. Remus really knows his stuff. Good work."

- Val Senan, founder of The Finest Man

"I learned how to better engage introverts!"

- Waynne Fan, founder of Muncha Bunch

“I strongly recommend Remus as a master trainer because he is articulate, intelligent, conscientious, and above all, dedicated to doing an excellent job at delivering the message he is tasked to convey. There is much about the art of teaching that one can learn from Remus.”

- Murali Kanasappa, Project Manager at Carolina Biological Consultancy

"Really liked his sharing. I loved how he commanded people’s attention with his quiet energy."

- Caleb Low, Perception Strategist

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