Branding Yourself

by Eric Deckers and Kyle Lacy contains a useful mix of social media advice and live networking tips. Still in the midst of it, I have been focusing mainly on the latter although this site is social media.

The authors advocate using LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter as the main forms of social media for businesses and self-branding. They remind readers that networking is not about giving out cards like candy but an opportunity to speak to and listen to others. If there is a match or businesses, only then do we offer to exchange contacts.

The main point of networking is not, as some people imagine, to get as many cards as possible, but to see how you can help some of the people that you have met without expecting anything in return. The authors believe that if you help others, you sow goodwill and this goodwill is of benefit both to you and the person you helped.

So my main takeaway so far? To get out there and help some people!