We Need To Move On From Paris

We live in an age when information is transmitted from one end of the world to the other seemingly at the speed of thought - the moment something happens, people on the other side of the globe know about it within minutes, if not seconds.

This has the advantage of bringing events to the focused attention of many people. However, that is also its disadvantage.

Knowing how the news networks and media work, it's all too easy to create a huge event to take attention away from other things that are happening.

Now that the whole world is focused on the deplorable events that occurred in the City of Love; on how other organisations, groups, and nations are responding; as well as on what governments are doing in light of this, the terrorist organisation involved is likely planning the next one at a location far away, while all our attention goes towards something it has moved on from.

We should certainly render all the help necessary, but we should not dwell on it. Instead, it is probably wiser to figure out what may be happening next.

The longer we stay focused only on this, the more of a head start they have, and the longer we will have to play catch-up.

It is time for us to move, time for us to act, time for us to work towards preventing the next one.