A Diversity of New Projects in the Month of May

I just finished a week-long project at Hwa Chong Institution for one of the Sabbatical Programmes. This one was on Biodiversity.

This was the second time that I have been in Hwa Chong this year. The first was in March for another Sabbatical Programme on Drosophila - fruit flies.

The compound of the school is well-maintained and planted with a large variety of different flora - a very conducive environment for focus on studies. At the moment, it is still undergoing changes and renovations. Due to the size of the school, I can imagine that it will be taking quite a while longer. 

My upcoming projects include a Microbiology course and the rest of a Forensic Science course that started earlier this week.

Biodiversity, microbiology and forensic science - such a diversity of topics in just two weeks. Having had such a busy first quarter, I have experienced the importance of purposefully taking time to rest and I will be mindful of it during this period.

Of course, I'm glad to have the opportunity to refresh my memory and continue to practise my lab skills in these areas. Not only that, I have the chance to continue to hone my delivery and presentation abilities. 

Did I ever mention that I love what I do?