Lessons From Online Shopping

Online shopping - the convenience of buying what you want and having it sent to you instead of having to carry it home yourself.

To encourage spending, online shopping sites use all kinds of incentives, from daily draws for coupons to members-only discount codes. Some use limited time offers to create a sense of urgency while others offer free shipping if you spend above a certain amount.

My main takeaway from shopping online is that you should always think about it before clicking "Buy". Yes, the deal may longer be here tomorrow but do you really need that new powerbank with the torchlight function?

Sleep on the deal and decide the next day. You may find the deal much less attractive after you've had some rest. Remember, fatigue lowers control over impulse. Also, if you feel pressured to buy, you are more likely to regret it later.

Of course, I've made my fair share of bad buys. I attribute most of them to not having spent enough time to think about it - something that salespeople are disinclined to give you. 

How does this relate to teaching? Teaching is very much like selling, except that the teacher is selling an idea or concept and the learner is paying in time and attention. If the teacher is able to sell ideas effectively, the learner is more willing to give his attention and time. A good teacher knows how to package his information in an attractive, engaging manner. He also gives his learners time to use that information and try it out - tactics that ensure that the information sticks.

Sales skills - not just for salespeople.