A Demonstration in Bangkok

After a long trip, I'm back to blogging.

Half of the trip was spent in neighbouring Malaysia and the other half was spent in Thailand - Bangkok specifically.

I haven't been to Bangkok in a long while but my memories of it were of friendly locals, colourful culture and great food.

I wasn't disappointed.

Most of the local stall owners and people I interacted with were friendly and ever-helpful. One particular incident stood out to me: I was attempting to ask how much I needed to pay for some street food (which was delicious, by the way) and the stall owner spoke about as much English as I spoke Thai. So, she demonstrated by taking out the amount of money I needed to pay and showed it to me, all the while chuckling. I paid the amount shown and thanked her.

This incident reminded me that demonstrations can be very effective, even when there is a language barrier. It is, after all, one of the ways we learned about the world around us while growing up.