A Series of Interesting Events

Last Saturday, I attended an event held at BASH.

It was organised by Talent Tribe Asia and attracted about 50 individuals from various universities in Singapore.

I was there by invitation of one of the speakers, an expert in Personal Branding, with whom I am also working on some lesson plans for schools.

How I met this expert is quite a tale in its own right and I want to do it justice, so I won't elaborate too much here.

After he finished his segment, the following speaker was a friend of his, who happened to be the founder of a local start-up company that I had researched for my book. I never approached the company because I was so intent on finishing my book and, because I am so close to the finished product, I had thought it unnecessary to delay its printing further.

However, here he was in front of me! I believe that all things happen for purposes beyond my mortal comprehension, so I went up to him, introduced myself and found that we had a number of areas of common interest.

Subsequent correspondence has led to a meet-up that is slated to occur in the early afternoon later today. Through this meet-up, I hope to learn more about him and his company, as well as see if we can do a co-marketing campaign for The Introvert Teacher.

Here's to a fruitful collaboration!