End of May

As we approach the end of May, it feels like time is really flying by in 2016. Before I know it, almost half the year is over!

My forever-busy-Singaporean mind tells me that I could have done so much more than I have so far, but my more rational mind is telling me that I have already accomplished a number of things and that I'm on my way to accomplish more. Perhaps it is slightly slower than it could possibly have been, but why beat myself up over it? At least I am still moving forward.

The end of May is also the end of the first half of the school year. There have been a large number of projects this year, and one more next week that will spill into the first week of June. Finally, I can have a break before the craziness starts again.

I am seriously considering dropping some of my roles in preparation for new ones. I would like to focus less on teaching in schools and more on teaching adults. I see a way forward and I am keen to take it. 

Here's to a bright future moving forward!