Speaking at LLiBrary

Today, I spoke alongside Eugene Seah and Claudia Ong on Personal Branding. As it is Eugene's specialty subject, I had a little research to do so I would do the topic justice.

The talk itself was rather short, at an hour. It was meant to be a lunchtime seminar, so participants could come in during their lunch hour to benefit. From what I understand, these events will occur every Thursday at the same time - 12.30 pm to 1.30 pm.

I met Kevin, who runs these lunchtime events for the National Library Board (NLB), and is already planning far ahead and looking for speakers for 2017.  It's certainly an intriguing avenue to expand into and I'll keep in touch with him.

After the session, I got to talking to a few of the participants and one of them explained that she was exploring a work path that is similar to what I am doing now. I offered to link her up with one of the companies that I work with. Hopefully, this will be of benefit to her.

Speaking at the event was good experience and a great opportunity to meet other people and to add value to their lives. It's something that I intend to continue doing.

Here's to many more future events to touch lives and change mindsets!

Speaking at LLiBrary 1