September passes, October cometh

September was certainly a month of numerous events.

The blood moon on the 27/28 September (depending on which part of the world you are in) was a highly anticipated phenomenon. Unfortunately, it couldn't be seen from Singapore as it was daytime (just past 10 am) here when it occurred.

The Iran nuclear deal has gone through, with potential dire consequences for the Middle Eastern region, especially for Israel.

ISIS continues to be a threat, and has forced action by numerous nations.

The pope and Chinese President Xi Jinping visited America, both with very interesting topics of discussion - immigration, security, and globalisation, to name a few.

The supposed financial breakdown has not occurred, though the cracks in the broken financial system are starting to become more and more obvious. Many analysts are still certain of its imminent arrival.

Closer to home, Singapore's General Elections have passed (and analysed in previous posts) and the haze is once again causing political tension with Indonesia.

Unrest is affecting Malaysia, with Chinese warned to avoid certain areas of the country.

This paints a rather dismal picture of the past month, and it has shown me that stability in this world is an ideal - one that cannot be fulfilled without a massive global coordination and cooperation. Who is to say that it isn't in the plans?

And yet, I am constantly reminded of scenes in the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

People will fight for freedom, but if there is chaos and instability, they end up choosing security over freedom.

Is this not what is happening around us? Should we not do something about it? Or are we too caught up with our own lives to notice or even care?