The Easily Offended and The Online Rants

It seems that, almost every day, somebody somewhere in the world gets offended at something and produces a long tirade against it. Sometimes, this is done on social media platforms like Facebook or blogs. Other times, it becomes published on e-zines or websites that accept article contributions.

The amount of insipid, inane rants online has increased exponentially in recent years and, young people being easily influenced, think that this is the norm. They think that once they have an opinion, everybody needs to hear about it, whether or not it has been thought through or researched properly.

We are all entitled to our opinions, it is true. However, if no consideration is given to whether or not it benefits or builds others up, it is perhaps best to leave things unsaid.

We are blessed with technological wonders like the internet that our ancestors could scarcely dream of and we end up turning it into a toxic, negative wasteland of drivel and spite. Such a pity, isn't it?

As I end my rant, here's to hoping for a brighter, kinder internet in the future, one where we can nourish and nurture one another instead of tearing each other down. Cheers!