Meeting (and Shooting) Fandi

I met Fandi (Ahmad) on Wednesday, 8th Feb. This happened through a series of people, as do all such meetings.

The day before, a fellow trainer asked if I was available to do a short photoshoot. Since I had helped to photograph the SG100 Carnival, he thought of asking me to do it.

He later passed my contact on and, before I knew it, I was asked if I was available on the morning of Wednesday. Since I was, I was told that the person I was photographing was Fandi. The pictures will be used in an upcoming project (can't release any details yet) and they needed a few high-res photos of our local star.

The meeting was scheduled to take place at Jalan Besar Stadium, where I found myself on the morning of the shoot.

I met Calvin, who plays a major role in the project, and he shared some insights on getting good portrait shots, he being a photographer himself.

One important thing he shared was that a portrait is all about the eyes and to make sure that the eyes of the subject were in focus and clear.

Bearing this valuable tip in mind, we walked into the stands and, after meeting Fandi's manager, I took some test shots to get the settings right, and finally got to meet Fandi in person.

Never having met him before, I had no idea what Fandi would be like.

I found him to be a very engaging, charming individual with a great sense of humour and fun. He was easy-going and very enjoyable to work with. 

The shoot lasted about 20 minutes or so and we got some pretty good shots.

Because Fandi and his manager had a meeting to attend, Calvin and I thanked them for their time and proceeded to our respective next destinations.

Of course, we didn't forget to take a quick photo with Fandi:

It was a great experience and a privilege to be able to shoot Fandi - someone I grew up hearing about.

Thanks, Calvin, for the opportunity. And, of course, thanks, Fandi, for being you.