Celebrating Teachers' Day at the 132nd APTS Meeting

On 31st Aug 2017, I presented The Trainer's Toolbox at the 132nd APTS Meeting. 

Though it was targeted at newer trainers, the veteran trainers affirmed that they learned something as well. Now, before you think that they were just 'being nice', allow me to explain how the meeting went.

As a new initiative suggested by the committee of APTS, member speakers will give a presentation that will be subject to evaluation. Feedback will be given at the end of the presentation so that the speaker can be alerted to any possible blind spots and areas of improvement. This was all explained beforehand so the member speakers will know what they are getting themselves into.

I started my presentation by expounding on apples as fruit associated with knowledge. With that information in mind, I had a small gift for each trainer present. As they, too, are teachers, I gave each of them apple-flavoured candy. I had considered actual apples but I found candy to be more portable and less perishable.

The presentation proper continued, as I covered points on how to make any training session impactful by utilising specific techniques and taking certain actions.

Though my presentation went slightly overtime, it was well-received and I was applauded for keeping a consistent, polished delivery.

This was deemed worthy of comment as most of my fellow trainers agreed that, should they have known that they were being evaluated, they would have been more than a little distracted.

In turn, I assured them that it wasn't anything close to natural talent but a result of constant, dedicated practice over many years and that they, too, can achieve similar results.

The areas of improvement mainly revolved around the content I was using - how certain areas could be clarified further, certain parts could be more concise and other parts could be expanded. 

There was also a very useful bit of feedback on providing more audience-related examples. As the audience that evening would be trainers, the examples and stories to be presented could be more related to training and improving oneself as a trainer.

All in all, it was a fruitful (pardon the pun) evening and I am glad that many of the trainers took something useful back with them. If possible, I'd love to give another presentation.

After all, one can never get too much practice.

With David Lee

First Step into Fiverr

Some of you have heard of Fiverr or even used the myriad services listed there.

Personally, I've always thought that it was a great idea to sell your services as well as test the market for what they are willing to pay for. Of course, it'll help to know how to market them.

Having recently met a successful Fiverr seller (not sure if this is the correct term to use), I decided to learn from him and see how he does it. He will be guiding me through the process and giving me feedback. I've always wanted to sell on Fiverr. I just never figured out how to do it properly and was concerned about how to beat the top sellers for attention.

Well, I think I've found my key into Fiverr. I'll continue to update when I learn stuff that I think will be useful to you.

Until my next post, here's a picture of some very pretty peridot chips.

peridot chips

A Personal Branding Workshop

On Wednesday, I attended a workshop on personal branding. With no idea of what to expect, I went with an open mind.

Though the basics of the concepts were known to me, I never connected them the way that the presenter did - yet another reason to be constantly learning.

The workshop was practical. The participants were tasked to complete 5 steps, one after another, until a story was formed. As with all stories, there had to be a before and an after, revolving around a pivotal moment.

I found that it was easier to focus on a specific epiphany than to find meaning in my numerous experiences, simply because there were too many to sift through.

With that, my story has been formulated, but not refined. It'll be something I'll work on over the next few days.

Attending this workshop also reminded me of my need to be constantly seeking new knowledge and reaching out towards new contacts. You never know who you might meet in these events.