An Interesting Opportunity Came Up

A few weeks ago, a trainer friend was looking for someone to be a part of a 4-person panel for a discussion on entrepreneurship and business management matters.

This panel discussion would be held on 1 Feb at NYP (tomorrow) and, curiously enough, the school specified that the panelists need to have a background in chemistry / biology. 

Since I was available, fit the criteria, and found it interesting, I offered to join the panel. A few days ago, my trainer friend informed me that I was successfully selected, so I'm off to NYP tomorrow.

Just in time too! Projects from schools are starting to pour in and, if this event were to be held too much later, I may not be available to participate in it.

This will be an excellent opportunity to share a little wisdom (through hard knocks) and some experiences with brilliant young minds. I foresee a fruitful session ahead and hope to continue to be of service to the organising committee of such events in the future.

Image from discover-nyp.blogspot.sg

Image from discover-nyp.blogspot.sg