My Wish for Singapore in 2016

Having seen so many people writing on large white plastic balls for the Wishing Sphere Project, I wondered what I would write on one of them if I ever got round to it. I suppose the following might be adequate:

I wish that Singapore will grow from strength to strength in the coming year, that we, as a nation, will unite against threats to our security, economy, and way of life.

I wish for Singaporeans to be more appreciative of what they have, to be more introspective and think more critically, to be more others-oriented than self-obsessed. 

I wish that we will remember that the world observes who we are and what we do, that we will lend a helping hand to our neighbouring nations, and that we will continue to be a strong, positive influence in the global community.

May we be always proud to call this land our home.

Water Pour