Hard Discipline (from The Introvert Teacher)

A hard disciplinarian can suffer from the problem of low rapport if she insists too hard on strict rules and routines, gives overly harsh punishments or shows a lack of concern for her learners and their well-being.

Disciplinarians know that, in order to create an orderly, safe environment for their learners, they need to enforce rules and create routines.

The key is to know when to relax the reins and when to tighten them. This shows your learners that your concern is for them and their education, not for yourself to appear “in control” all the time.

If you know a disciplinarian, you will notice that their sessions tend to be very orderly, even if their learners don’t seem to be particularly joyous. However, if they are effective teachers, their learners will thank them later for the focused environment they created.