Soft Nurture (from The Introvert Teacher)

A soft nurturing teacher can suffer from low discipline if he does not enforce rules and routines, refuses to punish misbehaviour, or becomes too familiar or lenient with his learners.

Nurturers know that learners respond well to care and concern. Thus, they are generous with praise and usually speak softly and kindly. They see misbehaviours as opportunities to gently correct, but may forget that there is a need to assert themselves when dealing with them.

Asserting yourself will show your learners that you are in control of the situation and are competent and knowledgeable in handling it. It will also give them confidence that they can approach you to help them deal with problems that require a firm hand.

If you know a nurturer, their sessions tend to be less orderly and more raucous. However, if they are effective teachers, they will know when to get their learners to focus and settle down and their learners will remember them as “the fun ones”.