Weekend of Photography

Sometimes, you just have to do what you've been putting off for the longest of times.

One of these things, for me, has been the taking of proper photos for my book's marketing images and book cover (on the back, of course).

So, I finally booked a studio and had my photos taken.


Unfortunately, the background isn't completely white because the pictures in the camera looked much whiter than it does once I transferred the pictures to my computer. 

Nevertheless, it was quite an experience to work in a professional photo studio for the first time.

I learned to adjust the lighting, positioning, camera settings to suit the lighting etc.

It's quite a different ball game from outdoor photography, which I've been doing all my life. Well, new experiences are always good.

Apart from taking photos in a studio, I finally got the equipment necessary to do proper product shoots at home. I got a proper light tent, lamps and proper bulbs.

Now, I am no longer at the mercy of the Sun and the weather. I can shoot whenever I want in the comfort of my home. Why do I need to take product shoots, you ask? That's what the Gem Hunter is going to reveal next.

So, here's a shot of some very colourful tourmaline tumbles: