Networking for Introverts

On Thursday, I attended a rather curious event. It was a networking event for introverts - a special one, because it was the third anniversary of the network. Needless to say, there was endless joking about how introverts and parties seem an unlikely combination.

For me, it certainly caught my attention and made me even more enthusiastic about attending. I'm glad I did.

I met the host, Mervin Yeo, and he told me that he has been in business networking for 16 years. As an introvert. Wow. You really have to enjoy it to be in it for so long.

Apart from Mervin, I met a few others. One of them, it turns out, is about to launch a co-authored book titled Because I'm Introvert I Triumph. It's a collection of stories from introverts who have used their traits to aid in their success.

When I told him that I am also an author, he very kindly said that he wished that he had met me earlier and that he would like me to contribute to the future editions of the book. Well, there will be a book launch of Because I'm Introvert I Triumph on the 25th of May. Pretty exciting stuff. You can be sure that I will be there.

So networking is a new game that I just got into, having never seen the appeal or need to do so before. I think I'll study it a little more before I get in deep. Isn't that just the most stereotypically introverted approach?