Weekend Publish A Book And Grow Rich Bootcamp

Just last weekend, I re-attended the Publish A Book And Grow Rich (PABGR) bootcamp. As an author with Gerry Robert and his team, I was invited to attend any of them anywhere in the world.

Although the majority of the content was similar, it reminded me of the things I needed to do and why I started the journey of writing a book in the first place.

On top of that, he offered a programme in which he would coach and mentor a group of speakers in every country. How phenomenal is that, to be mentored by one of the leading speakers in the world.

As much as I would have loved to jump at the offer, I'm afraid that my brain wouldn't be able to handle yet another major project. Yes, it's like leaving money on the table, but some of us have limited capacities to push projects through.

As it is, my two biggest projects are near completion but not quite there yet, and it's always the final league of the journey that requires the most energy and brainpower. 

I'm nearly there and I'm glad that you made the journey along with me!