Meeting of Minds

It's been a busy past two days!

On Thursday, I attended a meeting by the Association of Professional Trainers, Singapore (APTS). There, I met a number of people, a couple of familiar faces, and many new ones. There was a certain warmth about the whole group of people, something that is honestly quite rare today.

Having spoken to a few of the trainers present, including a chat with the president of the association, I found that this was a group of people I could grow with. At that thought, I decided to become a member of the APTS. I look forward to learning and sharing with them.

On Friday, I attended a session by a local publisher/printer. He was invited to talk to a group of aspiring authors. Though I have already finished writing my own, I went to find out more about local self-publishing.

My personal thoughts on the offerings that he had are likely different from the glowing reviews a number of the people present gave. My impression of the publisher was also less-than-stellar. He seemed (to me, at least) dismissive of, even slightly snarky about, views that differed from his and had little good to say about his competitors - traits that detract from my impression of him.

Maybe he is simply cut of a different cloth from me. Nevertheless, I will likely find it difficult to work with someone so careless with words and expressed attitude. 

That said, I know some of the authors who have published with him. He comes recommended by these authors. Though I object to his person, it is no reflection upon his offerings, which comes at a reasonably low rate.

On my end, I have perhaps been spoiled by the high level of service and systematic simplicity that my own publisher has given to me. Needless to say, I paid a premium for this, though I have never regretted forking over a single cent.

My publisher, Gerry, is tremendously successful financially and socially. Despite (or perhaps, because of) his elevated status in the eyes of society, he is careful with what he says about others and to others. Though he cannot personally connect with all of the authors he works with (there are so many, after all), he tries, and I give him credit for it.

I guess that service and attitude are important to me after all if I am to work closely with someone. I know that others are less sensitive about such things, and it doesn't really matter. To each his/her own. 

After the session with the local publisher, we went for tea/dinner. I managed to get to know a few of the aspiring authors and, later, joined a sharing session with them. It was pleasant to be able to share my own experience as an author and to encourage and guide them towards starting their own books.

It seems that there will be many more books being published in the months and years to come. I wish all the aspiring authors every success!