Upcoming Trainers' Synergy Meeting

Next Wednesday, 21 Sep, I will be sharing one of my signature topics with a group of fellow trainers. It's entitled 'Trainer Techniques That Save You Energy'. It's derived from my book - The Introvert Teacher - and is the first part of a series of speaking topics that I will be developing.

The objective of the session will be to:

1) Understand and harness the motivations behind why you train

2) Move your focus away from fear towards love

3) Save your attention and energy for the people and the things that matter most


7 pm - 9.30 pm

OnePeople.sg, level 2, Speech Academy Asia (beside Braddell MRT)

21 September - Wednesday

Feel free to e-mail me at remus@remuszhong.com if you are interested in attending! Those of you who have my number may reach me there as well.

See you there!