New Things That Happened This Month

In regards to the Trainers' Synergy meeting last Wednesday (yeah, I missed an update here), it went well. I asked for feedback at the end of the session and most of them gave me something useful to work on - primarily to do with giving the audience more participation, something I reduced due to the lack of time.

So what that means is that I have to streamline the session and allocate more time to allow the audience to share their experiences, instead of me just sharing mine.

It also means that I have to separate all the material I prepared into 2 sessions or more. It would be great for a six-hour workshop or more. 1.5 hours isn't quite enough to cover so much.

With these things in mind, I will work on the material and come up with a better version. 

To all of you who gave me honest feedback, thank you very much!

Another thing that happened was that the Canadian Institute of Management published my article in their e-zine. 

I've actually updated my home page and come up with a Media page to accommodate the article's links and future media articles. 

If I want them to start appearing, I'd better get cracking!