An Interview with STYLEGUIDE

A couple of weeks ago, I met Timothy and Carol at Central (Clarke Quay) for a media interview with STYLEGUIDE.

After some introductions, during which we realised we knew a few of the same people (Eugene and Maarten, you guys are clearly influencers), we talked about our respective industries, they in media and I in education. 

It turns out that Timothy has a vast array of experience in various aspects of business and marketing. Carol had joined him in STYLEGUIDE not too long ago and told me that she had already learned a great deal from him. 

Sounds like Timothy is a good teacher!

After a drink (non-alcoholic, of course), we went to a coffee place at Capitol Piazza to record a video for the interview article.

Halfway through, however, a rather large family arrived and they (along with their children) weren't exactly the quietest people around. They also, for some reason, decided to sit well within the frame of the video.

We decided to go somewhere else and ended up at SMU (Victoria St), where we shot the rest of the video in relative short order.

It was quite an experience and, though I'm still not too comfortable standing in front of a camera, it has at least shown me that there is less to fear about it than I originally thought.

Thank you, Timothy and Carol from STYLEGUIDE for the excellent conversation and the opportunity to get my story out there! I look forward to working on our next project together.

StyleGuide Media Interview Picture.jpg