Meeting Vivek Iyyani - Millennial Consultant & Coach

I first met Vivek last December at the Up Your Game Conference. He was one of the speakers and introduced himself as a Millennial Consultant when he took the stage.

Vivek Iyyani

He proceeded to share his thoughts and how, despite the negative perceptions surrounding them, millennials are creative, resilient and a driving force for change.

Briefly explaining how we got to this ‘era’, he gave insights into a millennial’s point of view, the better to understand the thoughts and behaviours of these up and coming movers and shakers of the world.

Being a millennial and a bit of an info junkie, I was familiar with some of the things that were shared but it had disparate bits and pieces of information. Vivek had taken all of that and clicked them together into a coherent, easy-to-follow flow.

I got a copy of his book: Empowering Millennials and couldn’t help myself thinking, “If only I had all of this information 10 years ago.”

Well, no time for ‘what if’ and ‘if only’. My time will be better spent digesting the numerous nuggets of wisdom and answering the thought-provoking questions that Vivek has sprinkled copiously throughout the book.

Empowering Millennials

Fast forward a few weeks, I got an e-mail from Vivek asking how I’d been and expressing his wish to know more about what I do, owing to the too-short time we had at the conference to converse.

So, we arranged a meet-up, during which, we shared about what we do and discussed numerous things.

I learned that Vivek had started as a trainer in a similar way to me and that he moved on to building up his own company – a path that I intend to follow.

I told him that I had been wandering a bit since my book launch, not quite sure about what to do next. To that, he advised me to focus on one aspect of what I’m doing at a time – advice that I sorely needed to hear – and he very kindly offered to help me get going on this.

It isn’t every day that you meet someone so willing to spend time and energy to build up a near-total stranger.  Thank you, Vivek, for your generosity and for offering your advice and experience despite your busy schedule. I look forward to our next meet-up.

If you’re looking for a excellent speaker on practically any aspect of the millennials, Vivek is your guy. I unreservedly recommend his expertise on the subject.

You can look him up on:

Because I know that quite a number of you who are reading this (especially you who are my ex-students) are millennials, if you’re looking for someone to show you the ropes of entrepreneurship and designing a life that you seek, connect with Vivek through:




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