Meeting Dean Shams - Communication Strategist - Again

I first met Dean at an APTS meeting in July last year, when he was the speaker.

I wrote about what he taught us here:

At the end of that evening, I got his book - Speak Smart, Make Your Mark - and found it very useful. It presents the process of getting your mindset right about communication before going into the details and methods of making your communication more impactful and effective.

We've been in contact since then and I met him again as a speaker at the Up Your Game Conference late last year.

Dean - UYG 2017

His topic was 'Up Your Profile', for which he taught the audience how to raise their profiles and build credibility and trust with others.

He spoke as a Communication Strategist, shared his experience in the industry of PR, and reminded the audience that the media doesn't necessarily improve a person's image or brand. It merely amplifies it. 

What that means is that we are responsible for improving our own images / brands.

He gave 4 Key Points:

1) Know your message
2) Know your audience
3) Know your space
4) Know your style

One of the memorable points he made was 'Don't Be Humble'. Specifically, it means to stay away from false humility and to have confidence in your own ability and expertise - a point that I definitely agree with (a topic for another post, I imagine).

At the end of his presentation, he reminded us that a great public profile begins with us managing ourselves.

Dean's style of communication is direct and practical. We share a common belief that substance doesn't need to be fluffed up to be appealing, and I unhesitatingly recommend his expertise to anyone looking to improve their or their company's public profile.

You can look him up here:

Speak Smart Make Your Mark.jpg
With Dean Shams at APTS