The Third Quarter Of 2016

Where did all the time go?

It's really remarkable how quickly the days pass a second at a time and, before you know it, we're firmly in the third quarter of the year.

When I look back over the past 8 months, I'm thankful for the new people I've met, the new lessons I've learned, the new experiences I've gotten. I have been given new opportunities, shared new ideas, worked on new projects.

It was a hectic first half. It's now a steady pace in the second half. Though I'm glad that things have slowed down, it is tempting to slip into complacency, as I did a little while ago. It's time to overcome that inertia and get cracking.

Now that the National Day week is over, it's back to hustling.

Time waits for no one, and there is an ocean out there to discover!

Projection of Projects

In the coming months, there is going to be a whole slew of projects with schools. There will be some inevitable clashes in timing which will have to be worked out but, as a whole, things should go quite well, if rather tiringly.

I suspect that I'm going to be a little low on time and energy for the next couple of months due to these projects. Nevertheless, I will endeavour to continue blogging and updating this site.

Rather interestingly, I spoke to someone working at one of the companies that I work with, and he told me that he was developing new courses to tie up with companies and schools or corporate entities. This might be a potential new direction that I want to look at.

I'll come up with a more fleshed-out proposal to show him next week and see how it goes.

Busy days ahead, but busy days bring in ideas, experiences and, of course, funds.

Looking Out For Events

Ever since the learning events I participated in, I've been on the lookout for more to join in. Normally, I'm really apprehensive about such things, much preferring to keep to myself, stay in and think.

However, I have seen how important and useful it is to meet new people. Not only does meeting new people give us chances to help each other, the experience helps me to broaden my outlook and provides more material for ideas.

Already, I have come up with a number of new directions and plans to work on for the next few months. It's going to be pretty exciting to get more ideas.

In this coming week, I'm contemplating attending two events, one on Thursday about networking, and one on Friday, a design-type symposium. No confirmation yet, but they definitely look interesting.