Projection of Projects

In the coming months, there is going to be a whole slew of projects with schools. There will be some inevitable clashes in timing which will have to be worked out but, as a whole, things should go quite well, if rather tiringly.

I suspect that I'm going to be a little low on time and energy for the next couple of months due to these projects. Nevertheless, I will endeavour to continue blogging and updating this site.

Rather interestingly, I spoke to someone working at one of the companies that I work with, and he told me that he was developing new courses to tie up with companies and schools or corporate entities. This might be a potential new direction that I want to look at.

I'll come up with a more fleshed-out proposal to show him next week and see how it goes.

Busy days ahead, but busy days bring in ideas, experiences and, of course, funds.