Cooling Down Period

As the mad rush of the projects that erupted over the first four months of the year cools down, it's time to do some reflection, get some rest and prepare for the next phase of the year.

By the middle of the year, I plan to send The Introvert Teacher for printing. That means that I have to settle accounts with any potential sponsors, finish up my marketing materials (including my author photos), and plan the book launch. That's going to be rather exciting.

Apart from the book, I'm going to work on some gem and jewellery projects. The launch is projected to be somewhere around the third quarter, not too long after my book will be printed. Again, rather exciting!

I also intend to get some curriculum designed and I need to prepare for a two-week long school project at the end of May.

Freelancing isn't as relaxing as many people think it is. Without proper planning, it could easily become a mess. Here's to not messing it up!

Kicking Off 2016 with Projects and a Trip!

This post was actually started before the last one, so I thought I'd finish it:

So here I am, after a week of intense curriculum design and polish.

Yes, I'm back to producing curriculum again, this time for a company I've been working with for the past decade or so.

My main job is actually to revamp, update and polish the existing curriculum (and I think it's high time to do so). Apart from that, I'm being asked to take charge of the running of a 12-week long project at one of our local secondary schools.

Truth be told, I've never been particularly interested in project management, despite having done it in varying capacities over the past ten years. Nevertheless, new year, new experiences. 

There will also be a 30-week long project at a different school that requires quite a bit of research, planning and logistics. For this, I'll be working alongside the overall project manager so I won't need to feel too stressed.

Trying to get as much as done as possible before I fly off to Vietnam next week so I may be curriculum-ing through the weekend. Not the way I really want to spend my weekend, but it pays the bills, so let's get through this!


Projects, projects, projects!

As December draws to a close, it feels more and more urgent to get my major projects of 2015 done speedily so I can work on new ones when 2016 kicks off.

The Introvert Teacher has gone through its first round of editing. Now it's up to me to decide on whether to keep the changes and/or make further ones. I'm also working on its marketing materials, book launch ideas - yes, you are invited ;) - and so on.

Realistically, it might only be out around February or March. Chinese New Year would be great but I'm not entirely sure if it's possible. Let's find out!

My major project for The Gem Hunter is coming to fruition. Without giving too much away, some supplies have come in, while others are yet to be ordered (too much choice makes things tough, doesn't it?).

The original plan was to launch on Christmas week. This is starting to seem difficult but I will try.

Yet another project, the production of my long-dreamt-about gemology curriculum, is going well. Three chapters done, two more to go (unless I switch some things around)! It should be done by January! Just in time for the school year!

Time to get off my rear and make things happen! 2016 approaches!