July Week Of Many Events

In the coming week, I will be meeting with a business developer friend for one of the training companies I work with.

I will be discussing the possibility of introducing new programmes involving some other trainers I met and myself. Thus far, I have not seen any programmes in the Singapore education industry that are similar in scope. Well, pioneering a niche is always a good experience. Whether it succeeds or not, we will learn something from it.

I am also working on helping a couple get their wedding bands made. Their wedding date is coming up and it's all quite a rush, but I have a very reliable designer and smith who is able to do it. Now, it's all up to the couple, whether they are willing to go ahead with the project. Their alternative is to simply buy ready-made bands from one of the many jewellery shops / chains in Singapore.

My other suggestion was for them to visit the upcoming Gem & Jewellery Fair at Marina Bay Convention Centre and look for a suitable pair of rings there. It's a little hard to believe that the event is almost here, meaning that a year has passed so quickly.

There'll also be a network / training session on Wednesday evening this week. It'll be good to catch up with some familiar faces. I must say that I'm glad to have expanded my network of like-minded people in the past couple of years. Before, I wondered if I was the only person doing what I do. Now, I know that there are actually many others who are similar to me in my work life and style.

I'll also be attending a housewarming party by a couple who recently got married. I haven't seen them in a while, so that'll be a good chance to see how they are. 

All in all, it's going to be event after event this week. Let's get productive!



Gem Hunting Season

The Singapore Jewellery and Gem Fair arrives on our shores on 22 Oct til 25 Oct! 4 days of sparkle at Marina Bay Sands.

It'll be a great opportunity to meet and catch up with some of my gem dealing friends from around the region. Hopefully, I'll be able to make a few good deals with them.

On my trips to gem-selling countries, I've met other gem buyers who drive prices down to ridiculously low points, refusing to budge even on a five-dollar difference. Personally, I feel this to be very unnecessary. The seller is trying to earn a living, and five dollars isn't going to make or break the bank for the buyer, so why not let the seller have it?

A number of these buyers are re-sellers, who, after paying rock-bottom prices, jack the prices up tremendously before selling them in their home markets. Of course, it is perfectly normal business practice to increase prices when you re-sell, but it needs to be a reasonable margin.

I have found that gem-buying requires patience and tact. Once you build a good rapport with the seller, the prices automatically come down. I rarely try to drive prices too much lower than the asking price. Of course, I need to know the rough value of the gem I'm looking at, and that takes experience.

True, I may end up paying slightly higher prices than the hard-bargaining buyer at the next stall, but I believe that we live in a world of abundance, and not one of lack. I believe that both buyer and seller can mutually benefit, and one cannot succeed without the other.