A Class in the Business Canvas Model

Last Saturday (I realise it's been quite a few days), I attended a workshop on the Business Canvas Model.

Never having heard of it before, I went with an open mind.

What I learned was very useful for what I am doing now. It was a rather straightforward template which you fill in with information about your targeted customers, their behaviourial patterns (to help you determine what you should provide for them), how you intend to get the product/service you are providing to them, what your company does etc.

The facilitator (whom I happen to know from a previous meeting) was careful to remind us that many of the things we put down on the canvas template are assumptions until they are tested.

Even so, he encouraged us to try them out and make changes along the way. He emphasised the need to experiment and adapt because the market changes all the time and things are always moving. 

What he told me reminded me about microtrends - seemingly inconsequential small trends that, if you integrate into a big picture, can influence the outcome of an idea or direction.

Having had the opportunity to make some plans, I realise how much more planning and thought is required to get a business to work. That said, it's great to have guidelines to follow so I don't have to come up with everything by my own limited experience.

It's going to be busy these few upcoming weeks, what with major projects coming in and all sorts of events to attend. Gotta get that brain and body rested!