Time to Get Moving

As my previous post has stated, this is a cooling down period for me. My major school projects for the beginning of the year are winding down, leaving a few weeks for me to do other things before I get busy at the end of May again.

So, what have I done? Honestly, not that much yet, because I've only just recovered from all the fatigue and settled all the piled-up administrative stuff that I've neglected for the past four months.

Starting this week, I will be ramping up the work that I need to put into my other projects, especially my book and my gem and jewellery stuff. I'm projecting to get as much done as possible before June, when I have projected my book to be sent for printing. I look forward to holding a physical copy in my hands!

On other fronts, I've been experimenting with Fiverr, I'm in discussion with a gaming company for a possible role as a presenter at their next event, I'm working on turning my ideas for education into realities and so on.

It's not all as hectic as running from school to school day after day, but it is mentally quite tiring. Thus, there must be time set aside for breathers and rest. 

Here we go!



An Introvert Retreat

The past week had been a long, tiring one. With early starts to every day, intense back-to-back classes and all-over-the-island travelling, it's no wonder I feel more than a little drained of energy.

On Friday, I had come to the end of my energy reserves and badly needed rest.

That's why this weekend is going to be one spent away from people and in quiet (relative to the hustle and bustle of Singapore). That's also why this is going to be a short, non-exhausting post.

Until my next one, stay energised!

Got this off the internet years ago because it spoke (no pun intended) to me.

A Class in the Business Canvas Model

Last Saturday (I realise it's been quite a few days), I attended a workshop on the Business Canvas Model.

Never having heard of it before, I went with an open mind.

What I learned was very useful for what I am doing now. It was a rather straightforward template which you fill in with information about your targeted customers, their behaviourial patterns (to help you determine what you should provide for them), how you intend to get the product/service you are providing to them, what your company does etc.

The facilitator (whom I happen to know from a previous meeting) was careful to remind us that many of the things we put down on the canvas template are assumptions until they are tested.

Even so, he encouraged us to try them out and make changes along the way. He emphasised the need to experiment and adapt because the market changes all the time and things are always moving. 

What he told me reminded me about microtrends - seemingly inconsequential small trends that, if you integrate into a big picture, can influence the outcome of an idea or direction.

Having had the opportunity to make some plans, I realise how much more planning and thought is required to get a business to work. That said, it's great to have guidelines to follow so I don't have to come up with everything by my own limited experience.

It's going to be busy these few upcoming weeks, what with major projects coming in and all sorts of events to attend. Gotta get that brain and body rested!

Rest (from The Introvert Teacher)

In today’s busy world, rest is highly neglected. For many people, it has come to a point where if they are not doing any work or are not being productive, they feel like they are being a disappointment.

 Always remember: If you are not taken care of, you cannot take care of others.

 Rest is not merely sleeping or lying on a sofa or bed with your eyes closed, though these are essential to your well-being. Rest is taken when you are away from interruptions and distractions. It is taken when you are in a place of peace and, often, quiet.

 As an introvert, it is deeply important to be rested as this is where your energy comes from. You cannot hope to last very long if you are on your feet, around people for 10 hours a day, 6 days a week.

 Learning to cope with busy times will help you to get more out of yourself without breaking yourself down.

 1) Wherever you work, find a place where you can be on your own

This could be an empty storeroom, your own private office – lucky you, a nearby park or even a bathroom cubicle.

 2) Go to your quiet place when you start to feel frazzled

 Take time out whenever you need to. There is no need to apologise for this.

 3) Get enough sleep

 Sleep is absolutely necessary for your body to rest and recover from the wear and tear it experiences on a day-to-day basis.

 We have all read the articles of how much sleep the average person needs. Remember, though, that some of us need more and some of us need less. Figure out your number and get that amount.

 As always advised, use the bed for its primary purpose: sleep. Do your work at a study table and keep your smart devices away from you when you are in bed.

 4) Tune-out, Self-encourage, Tune back in

 This is one of my most valued techniques. There will be times when you have an unavoidably busy schedule. Perhaps you have 4 hours of back-to-back sessions and each session requires you to explain a lot of information.

 Work a lull into your session. Perhaps you can get everyone to write something down, read a couple of paragraphs of their notes or books on their own, play a quick video or engage in a short few-minute-long discussion – though this produces a fair bit of noise and I do not recommend it for this purpose.

 In the most desperate of scenarios, I have created a lull simply by walking silently towards the board from where I was in the middle of the room.

 During this lull, tune-out for as long as you are able to and say something encouraging to yourself along the lines of, “you can do this!”, “they are engaged so well done you!”, “halfway through!” or even “only a while more and you can have a break”.

 Repeat the self-encouragement a few times – silently or your learners will think you are crazy – then keep silent for a second or two longer.

 Finally, tune back in and continue the session.

 This has helped me tremendously many times and I highly recommend it. In fact, some of you may already be doing this.