Time to Get Moving

As my previous post has stated, this is a cooling down period for me. My major school projects for the beginning of the year are winding down, leaving a few weeks for me to do other things before I get busy at the end of May again.

So, what have I done? Honestly, not that much yet, because I've only just recovered from all the fatigue and settled all the piled-up administrative stuff that I've neglected for the past four months.

Starting this week, I will be ramping up the work that I need to put into my other projects, especially my book and my gem and jewellery stuff. I'm projecting to get as much done as possible before June, when I have projected my book to be sent for printing. I look forward to holding a physical copy in my hands!

On other fronts, I've been experimenting with Fiverr, I'm in discussion with a gaming company for a possible role as a presenter at their next event, I'm working on turning my ideas for education into realities and so on.

It's not all as hectic as running from school to school day after day, but it is mentally quite tiring. Thus, there must be time set aside for breathers and rest. 

Here we go!



First Step into Fiverr

Some of you have heard of Fiverr or even used the myriad services listed there.

Personally, I've always thought that it was a great idea to sell your services as well as test the market for what they are willing to pay for. Of course, it'll help to know how to market them.

Having recently met a successful Fiverr seller (not sure if this is the correct term to use), I decided to learn from him and see how he does it. He will be guiding me through the process and giving me feedback. I've always wanted to sell on Fiverr. I just never figured out how to do it properly and was concerned about how to beat the top sellers for attention.

Well, I think I've found my key into Fiverr. I'll continue to update when I learn stuff that I think will be useful to you.

Until my next post, here's a picture of some very pretty peridot chips.

peridot chips