Guess Who's Back!

Many apologies for the long absence. Major events have been occurring and I just got back from Taiwan after my honeymoon.

Yes, in the month or so since my last post, I'm blissfully married, had a number of photoshoots and been to Taiwan - Taipei and Hualien - on honeymoon.

So many thoughts to organise, so many things to express. It'll likely take a few posts but I'm confident that I'll be able to put it all together.

In the meantime, I hope you and yours are well. 

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming days ahead!

Yes, that's a motorcycle coming towards me!

Yes, that's a motorcycle coming towards me!

A Motto I Live By

Bangkok is always an enjoyable city. The people, the culture and, of course, the food are all wonderful.

While there, I became acutely aware of being part of an ever-connected world. There were a number of work-related communication attempts that I had to turn away. There was also a lot of information being exchanged that I would have liked to digest but simply didn't. I was, after all, on holiday and I wanted to be fully present with my travelling companions.

Now that I have returned to Singapore, I have done the necessary replies and correspondence.

What struck me was how little it mattered that it took a few days longer to get these seemingly-urgent-at-the-time things done. Nobody lost their minds or their jobs, neither did anything become irreparably damaged.

This made me realise how odd it is that many today refuse to leave their work behind for a while or perhaps it is a reluctance to delegate the decisions to someone else or to be seen as 'relaxing' while others are working.

Maybe it is a combination of all the above factors or some others that I have not yet considered.

Of course, If I had known beforehand that an important business deal that had been years in the making would occur during my holiday period, that would have been a different story. I would have set time aside during my trip specifically to get what I had to do done and I would have informed my travelling companions that I would be unavailable for that hour or so. I feel that it is the only right (and polite) thing to do.

Granted, we all live in a world that is constantly connected and last-minute things occur all the time. Despite this, I do think that it is just as important to take time off work to unwind and enjoy being in the place and moment, if only for a few days.

One of my mottos when I first started working was this:

Work never ends. Lives do.

I work by this motto. I believe that I always will.

Weekend Book Fair

I recently had a conversation with friends where we agreed that there are two kinds of fairs that incite massive spending in Singaporeans - travel fairs and IT fairs.

Apart from travel and IT fairs, we have food fairs, jewellery fairs, baby fairs, furniture fairs, department store fairs, and so on. 

Every fair attracts particular types of people, and, at the risk of sounding elitist, book fairs seem to attract more courteous, contented individuals. They have their fair share of annoying types, but, on the whole, it seems that readers are a little easier to get along with.

Book fairs are peculiar events. They make you wonder what kind of printed treasures you might uncover. That, for many readers, is exciting stuff.

Here's to a great weekend book fair!