Market Research on Gems and Jewellery is Tough

I recently started writing down my thoughts on the market for gems and jewellery in Singapore and I found how difficult it is to do market research properly.

One way would be to look for statistics and consumer data. There are those who say that numbers do not lie, but numbers make my brain hurt, so I'm trying to use as few numbers as possible in my research. 

That would automatically mean that my "report" will be poorly-received by "official" sources because I'm not referencing numbers.

Then again, these are still my own thoughts and observations. I learned what I wrote down by talking to dealers and jewellers, observing customers when they buy and a good deal of internet articles.

So all I'm trying to do is to string these thoughts together in a coherent fashion and study them so I can make some headway in the direction of what I want to do about the jewellery scene in Singapore.

Yeah, it's been pending an update for ages, and I'm nearly ready for the unveiling. It'll take a little while more. Stay tuned!

rhodolite garnet