Cooling Down Period

As the mad rush of the projects that erupted over the first four months of the year cools down, it's time to do some reflection, get some rest and prepare for the next phase of the year.

By the middle of the year, I plan to send The Introvert Teacher for printing. That means that I have to settle accounts with any potential sponsors, finish up my marketing materials (including my author photos), and plan the book launch. That's going to be rather exciting.

Apart from the book, I'm going to work on some gem and jewellery projects. The launch is projected to be somewhere around the third quarter, not too long after my book will be printed. Again, rather exciting!

I also intend to get some curriculum designed and I need to prepare for a two-week long school project at the end of May.

Freelancing isn't as relaxing as many people think it is. Without proper planning, it could easily become a mess. Here's to not messing it up!